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On behalf of everyone at the World Animation Film Festival we’d like to tell you how your donation supports unique film experiences and promotes animation and independent films abroad.


We strive to bring you the best feature and short films from Canada, United States and around the world. Past films at the Festival have gone on to screen around the world and win awards such as the Academy Awards (Oscar), the Genir and Palme d’or.


To ensure a halthy future for the World Animation Film Festival and the arts in general, your donation supports programmes like ‘ANIMATION STORIES’ ‘FILM STORIES’ book publications that are available for free and distributed online and to film studios, film production and animation agencies around the world in hopes of them recruiting those that produce the content. These books give young people an in-depth opportunity to create a short film or animated film with a guarantee of being seen by industry professionals. Mad Artist Publishing has been donating their creating and publishing services to World Animation Film Festival to make these books a reality. You can learn more about them and books they’ve published at their website


Your donation allows us to keep making our publications and maintain the website and all promotion absolutely free to the participants and that ensures that as many people as possible have the opportunity to appreciate unique film and animation experiences.

Your belief in World Animation Film Festival has made us a valued and vibrant organization and is truly appreciated.

With your support we can continue to offer great animation content, film, underpinned by a strong sense of financial responsibility for the benefit of all who would like to join us.

Please take a moment to consider a donation to the Film and Animation Festival.

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