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DIGIC PICTURES – 2014 Showreel (HD) ** MUST SEE ** Games & Film 3D CGI VFX Animation

Take it the incredible work at Hungary’s most prestigious animation and video game production company DIGIC PICTURES.


Digic Pictures ( is a Hungarian 3D animation studio based in Budapest, at Graphisoft Park, specializing in the production of 3d animated game cinematics CGI . Digic also provides motion capture services at its own studio, Digic Motion. It is a parent organization of Cinergi Pictures.

Digic Pictures is a computer animation film studio which produces full 3D animated shorts and visual effects, in association with video games, feature films or commercial advertisements. Digic’s productions have earned the studio global recognition with game trailers and intro movies which were screened at Siggraph CAF Electronic Theater, or awarded with Siggraph’s prizes. In June 2011 Digic’s Assassin’s Creed: Revelations trailer became the most viewed video on top gamer community portals. and won Video Game Awards’ Best Trailer of E3. Digic also provides motion capture services at its own motion capture studio, Digic Motion.

The history of Digic Pictures goes back to December 2001, when the first members of the later animation company have joined the video game developer company called Black Hole Entertainment. Digic Pictures, as the cinematic department of Black Hole, produced animation sequences for RTS games developed by Black Hole. Back in 2002 Digic produced five high quality full 3D cinematics -Intro, Outro, Human, Beast, Fallen- for the EA game called Armies of Exigo that was completed by the beginning of 2003, and was the first Hungarian project ever to make it to the selection of Electronic Theater, one of the most prestigious selection of the 2003 Siggraph Festival / Conference, that introduces the world’s leading computer animation projects. Spurred on by Hungarian-born Hollywood producer and co-owner, Andrew G. Vajna, the studio got involved in the production of 60 VFX scenes of the American blockbuster Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and impressed “even the most prestigious professional forums bringing a good name of … the world of the developing professional Hungarian computer animation”.[3] Since 2006, Digic Pictures has turned from feature films to major video game developers, and kept on producing animated shorts for gamer audiences, including intros,outros, trailers and teasers for Warhammer, Darksiders, Assassin’s Creed, and Mass Effect episodes.

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