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DREAMMAKER (HD) ** Award Winning ** CGI 3D Animation Magical Short by Leszek Plichta

casino oyunları ekşi Once the Dreammaker used to create the most beautiful dreams for people, but now he lives solitary for only one purpose. The creation of a special dream – his dream.

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internet king oyna Dreamaker (2007) | Animation – Drama | Fantasy | Adventure
Produced at Film Academy Baden-Württemberg (
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slot oyun oyna bedava CREDITS: Director/Animation/Design/Modeling/Lighting by Leszek Plichta. Screenplay by Dominik Steffan & Leszek Plichta. Music Composed and orchestrated by David Christiansen, Sound Design & Foley Mix by Michael J. Diehl. Foley Artist: Marcus Neuberger, Voice of “Dreammaker” by Tom Zahner, Voice of Girl by Onni Pohl. Director of English Voices Susan Jackenberg. Maquete Anja Perl, vocals Tanja Brakhage. Orchestra: Filmorchestra Babelsberg – conductor: Gunther Josek, engineer: Michale Schubert, asistant: Jalko Duzcmal. 3D Scaning by Metric Minds & Philip Weis. 3D Print by 4d Concepts Gmbh & Peter Volg.

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